Essential Worker – Thoughts from a Front Liner

The “Stay at Home” order is still in effect for most of the country due to the Coronavirus. This pandemic has literally changed the lives of everyone in the World. And while most are expected to stay home to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. There are those individuals that are deemed essential and I am one of those individuals.

As a nurse, it is my duty to care for the sick. Hospitals are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. No matter what is happening, the doors are always open. Healthcare professionals are always on the frontline. This pandemic is no different then if it were a major natural disaster.

The scary thing about this virus is the global impact and the fact that there still is no cure, no vaccine or antibody available while so many people have died and so many more with confirmed positive cases. It has literally changed what we know as life today. And, I have to go to work and care for my patients as if it’s a regular day on the job. It’s scary.

Everyday it’s something new. This virus has definitely challenged the best. World agencies and expert professionals are scrambling to come up with solutions. Policies and procedures that have been put in place are being rewritten on a daily basis because we simply do not have a solution. And so we rely on hand hygiene, PPE (personal protective equipment), social distancing, and mask coverings to slow the spread.

I take extra measures these days because I have to go home to my children. I disinfect my jacket with a disinfectant. I strip my clothes off and place them in a laundry bag specifically for my scrubs at the door before entering into my home. I proceed to the shower and greet my children when I’m done. I do not do extra shifts because I am also their teacher on my days off. I also use this time off not to expose myself.

I’m proud to be an Essential Worker.  It’s hard, it’s scary, and it can definitely take a toll on one’s mental state.  I am praying for ALL Essential Workers ( healthcare professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, postal workers, grocery stores workers, pharmacists at pharmacies, sanitation workers, take out eateries, etc…). I believe in God and I know God Will make a way!!!

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